What type of ads do we have?
There is display ads (Blocks) and Classifieds (Smalls)

Can I insert a flyer for distribution with Die Agie?
Yes, A6, A5 and A4 folded to A5 can be supplied for insertion and distribution with Die Agie

When is the cut-off time for placing and insertion of ads and flyers into Die Agie?
The deadline is Thursdays 18:00 for the next week’s publication

Can I do bookings on different pages?
Yes, we do have a diary for placing ads on different pages, especially front and back cover as well as any other page. If you want to make bookings, please contact us.

When is Die Agie being spread?
Die Agie is distributed on Thursdays

Is there any discount involved?
No, there is no discount; instead we publish each new issue of Die Agie on our web page that will immediately give you a bigger platform.

What payment method can I use?
You can make an EFT, pay by cash or check at the office, or make a payment at the bank.

Are you registered for VAT?
Yes, you will receive a VAT Invoice

What is the terms and conditions for payment?
Once off ads as well as a series of 4 ads only, must be paid up-front before or on the cut-off date for the issue it will appear in. As soon as the money reflects in our bank account, we will proceed with the placing/s.
Contracts can be paid on a monthly basis also on or before the cut-off date of the first placements for the month.

What info do you need to proceed with the ad design?
You can mail or fax your information, or use the form on the website to send it, or you can drop it off at the office.
Logo’s, photo’s or any other graphics, must be send on JPG format as individual files (minimum of 300DPI), or you can hand it in at the office for scanning.

Do I get a proof of my ad?
We prepare a proof that will be sent to you via email or fax, or we will call you to come and do proof reading at the office. All corrections will be done and when you are satisfied with the ad, you must sign of the proof and send it back to us.

Can I do my own layout and design?
You are welcome to do that, but there are no discounts involved by doing that. We will give you the exact frame size for the design and then you can send as a 300DPI jpg file for insertion into Die Agie’s layout