Which advertising platforms are used?

Digital- and Social Media platforms

What advertising options are available on the digital platform?

Premium Ads

Newspaper style Ads.

Business directory

Classified ads

Full Package

What advertising options are available on social media platforms?

Promotional ads – Newspaper style boosted

Promotional ads – Individually boosted

Generic postings – Ads posted once off

Generic postings – Weekly posted for one month

Do you have an inclusive package on offer?

Yes, we do have. It consists of:

Premium Ad on our website, a Newspaper style Ad I the Online Agie, a Boosted Facebook post and Listing in our Business Directory

Is there a print version too?

No, we don’t have a print version.

Where can I find your prices?

Go to https://dieagie.co.za/2023/advertise-with-die-agie-online-ads-advertise-online/

Do you comply with the POPIA act?

Yes, we comply with the act.

 What are the terms and conditions?

Adverts to be paid up-front. As soon as the money reflects in our bank account, we will proceed.

What process must I follow to advertise?

Go to Advertise, click on “View Info” under advertise on line then click on Enquire. Fill in the form and select your preferred option, then send.