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“Agie” is an Afrikaans word used for someone who is very inquisitive, who is always asking questions about everything and wants to know more than he or she actually needs to know.The logo represents a blue monkey that is always true to its nature – extremely inquisitive!Thus, if you are inquisitive and would like to know more about the Kuils River businesses, their products and services, you have opted to visit the right website.



The Agie Advertiser is the brainchild of Sonja Bosman.In the 1990s, Kuils River used to be referred to as a “sleepy village”.People would live here, but would work and conduct their business elsewhere.It was, however, soon realised that the existing Kuils River businesses would have to be introduced to the inhabitants of the town in some way or other.This was the birth of Die Agie, which would thence be distributed free of charge to the inhabitants of Kuils River.Sonja Bosman was the editor from 20 February until 21 May 1992.
Chris du Plessis took over the reins as editor and, as new owner of Die Agie, he published the first 3 700 copies of the newspaper on 28 May 1992.Since those modest early days, Die Agie (also known as the De KuileAgie) has grown to become a domestic name in Kuils River.Currently, 10 200 copies are printed and distributed weekly.We are thankful that, through the years, we have been able to render – with great commitment and dedication – a quality product and a reliable service for the benefit of our advertisers. The publication has also added value to our community life.In this respect, Christian values have been key.

Our main focus is to be an affordable advertising medium for every entrepreneur, small business, church, school or private individual in Kuils River and environs, through which they can advertise their services and products in our area.The success of Die Agie is conspicuous when you come to realise that we have clients who have been advertising in the paper continuously since 1992!This speaks volumes in itself.

For prospective clients who view Kuils River as a target area and would like to place advertisements in our paper, there is the assurance that the Kuils River inhabitants are all too familiar with Die Agie and that they use it on a daily basis.It is not only the people of Kuils River who love to “GOOGLE” – their “AGIE” is at it too!Often you hear people saying:“Look in Die Agie when some service or product is required.With this in mind, Die Agie is now also entering cyberspace. We trust that you, the people of Kuils River, will be frequenting our website in great numbers and that you will find your cyber visit to be a pleasant and satisfactory one!